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  • New games every week… at least 90 minutes of game play created just for seniors and tested on seniors.
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  • Complete instructions for every game.
  • Occasional tips and suggestions for playing with different sized groups, how to emcee a game like the pros, how to engage all participants, creating a friendly game atmosphere, ideas for small prizes, and much more.
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We offer a special discount to companies, organizations and groups that purchase four or more subscriptions.
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  • $159: one-year subscription
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  • $109: if you received our Special Group Discount coupon.

Special Group Discount:

We offer a discount to companies, organizations, or groups that purchase four or more subscriptions.

Please email us at to receive a coupon if:

  • you believe you already work for a company that qualifies for the large group discount;
  • you want to sign up multiple communities; or
  • you want to learn more about the special group discount.

“I used to spend hours looking for trivia quizzes that were appropriate for my groups. I don’t have to do that anymore. Thanks so much!”

Cyrisse, Iowa